ABIDE or the Association of Body Image and Disordered Eating is a UC Davis group dedicated to raising campus awareness about how society might influence one’s relationship to one’s body and to food. We offer a holistic understanding of body image and healthy eating in a context that recognizes racial, sexual, gender, (dis)ability, and class identity’s influence in the University community.

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Whether you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, or you if you have questions or want to become more educated, the UC Davis Campus has plenty of resources and support for you!

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You or your department/institution are welcome to be a part of the ABIDE Committee or UC Davis Student ABIDE

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ABIDE hosts several events throughout the school year to promote positive body image.

Annual ABIDE Events:

  • Myth of the Freshman 15
  • Celebrate Your Body Week
  • The Great Jeans Giveaway

ABIDE Programs:

  • The Body Project

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